Live-out Nannies v/s Live-in Nannies

When you choose a nanny for your children, you should see your schedule too. Considering the schedule, you will be able to decide that either you need a live-in nanny or live-out nanny. But you need to be very clear about the difference between live-in and live-out nannies before hiring one final. Also, you will want a nanny which works with you on long-term basis. Live-out nannies will visit your home each day and leave your home once you are back. This time period is decided before you make a contract or hire the nanny. The can be decided by interviewing the nanny personally. Because you cannot state your time and get a nanny, you have to hear out the nanny’s time table as well. 

While on the other hand, live-in nannies, work for one family and that is the only job they have. They have a separate room inside the owner’s home and they get to eat whatever the cook or the wife makes. The live-in nanny can also make their own meals whenever they want. But they have to work as a mother towards the children which involve taking them to school, picking them up from school, making them lunch, bathing them, washing their clothes and even taking them to the hospital if needed. Let’s say that a live-in nanny becomes a part of a family and that nanny cannot work for any other family.

Some people who are immigrants from another country, let’s say that a Pakistani family have to travel to UAE to make a living and they do after a while. Now they have to make sure that they are giving proper time and care to their children and one has to give a lot of time to their jobs in UAE. So, the family call the nanny from their home country, the family has to provide a visa, travel expenses and proper medical insurance. And such nannies can cost a lot as compared to live-out nannies. So, you need to hire a nanny either considering your schedule or your budget.

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