Yacht for rent versus Dhow cruise – make up your mind

This has to be one of the toughest choices you’ve had during your trip to Dubai. Ideally, you must look to have both and make room in your schedule, but if you had to choose one out of both, which one would that be? The million-dollar question is indeed tough to answer, but it will come down to your own choice. You can choose both and have them on the same day if possible, but that will make you too tired. Keep in mind that each of these trips can make you feel exhausted in a true sense. In fact, you cannot possibly take the yacht rental in Dubai trip and a dhow cruise on the same day, as your yacht trip may last for two days or more. Although the dhow cruise trip will be over in a few hours, the trip can still make you feel tired.

A quick look at both

Your dhow cruise is predominantly a dinner that is wrapped with other activities. It is a trip that you take on primitive looking dhow cruise boats, as they are known in this part of the world. The dhow cruise is indeed an amazing way to see the city of Dubai at night time. Essentially, it is a trip that provides you excellent sights of the skyline with a dinner to die for. Your trip will be over within a few hours.

On the other hand, yacht rental is something entirely different. You get a yacht on rent that remains at your disposal for a day or two, or more in some cases if you pay for it. The yacht you get is a top of the line model. You will get features in it that you never thought about. The boat will come with a rider so you simply need to tell him where to take and how to ride. You can ask him to turn the yacht into a speed boat if you like, but people don’t usually do that.

The winner?

It would be unfair to name a winner as both trips are amazing and quite different. The yacht ride gives you more freedom whereas the dhow cruise may be brief, but there is a delicious dinner that comes with it. If you want more freedom and time to spend exploring the sea and nearby, then a rental yacht is the trip to have. Read here more about rental yachts and decide what to do.