Successful irritable bowel syndrome treatment

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very uncomfortable yet common disease which most of the people face. People often consult a nutritionist for IBS treatment who can suggest them the right tailor made vegan diet plan Dubai which would be helpful by considering all sorts of medicinal conditions that a person is suffering through other than IBS. Here is how these different diet plans have helped treat IBS patients.

A person who suffers through bloating and discomfort in his lower abdomen is diagnosed with IBS. He had been suffering through this since past 3 years but it was only now in his fifties that he cared to get it checked. Different symptoms which he listed down he was facing were

  • Low energy levels or energy dips in afternoon
  • Irregular sleep patterns,
  • Sugar and chocolate cravings

As per the routine check up, doctor asks him about his nutrition and what he was having since last four days. The good thing about this all was that the patient had a history of high cholesterol and heart diseases due to which he was keeping a keen eye on his diet and maintaining it throughout. This would mean that he wasn’t having any high saturated fat and cholesterol food. All they needed to work on was maintaining the quantity of wheat based food which included high amount of gluten and most of them weren’t even gluten free. The next thing to work on would be cutting down on the sugary snacks which he – and most of us – aims for in the late afternoon.

The main problem was found in the diet which meant that correcting it would solve more than half of the patient’s problems. As it often happens that one problem leads to another one and this is why maintaining it now would be very necessary. The things patient needed was a little control over his sugar cravings by prescribing some sugar supplements and wheat alternate foods which included more dairy supplements.

The patient was asked to continue the diet for next six weeks and the next time when he reported back, he was delighted to announce a huge change in his condition. One thing which you must keep in mind that everyone has a different biological made up and are individual beings. What seems to be working for someone could not always work for another one.