Life of An Orthopedic Surgeon in Dubai

The conventional wisdom of balancing work and life is easier said than done. Squeezing in life in the routine of an orthopaedic surgeon is easier said than done. An orthopaedic surgeon works for around 60-80 hours a week. There is barely any time for him to think for himself.

An orthopaedic surgeon’s life has become more twisted with the advent of technology. His duties consist of contact with patient, teaching, meetings, and other administrative duties. With the addition and expansion of technology, this work life has made its way into the life time of an orthopaedic surgeon in Dubai.

Why is it important to balance the two?

According to research and numerous studies orthopaedic surgeons have high rates of depression and dissatisfaction with life. This is due to them not getting enough time to sleep, relax, or even have time to spend with family. With no time or means to balance work life, the surgeons show higher signs of fatigue due to the strained life. Unfortunately for them, technology has not been of much help.

This hectic routine has a significant impact on female orthopaedic surgeons. Who find it twice as hard to manage between house, kids, and work. Many good surgeons often sacrifice their career goals as they have to choose one between the two.

How to balance the two?

You can try to balance the two by following four steps.


Loss of job satisfaction and the initial passion is due to loss of purpose and meaning. Once you find purpose it gets easier to balance the two. You start taking into account both your family and organizational needs.


List out your work according to the importance relegated to them. When you learn to prioritize things, you have a clear picture of what you wish to do, and you squeeze out time for it.

Managing Time

Effective time management skillsrequire both long term and short-term planning. It saves you from spending time on wasteful activities and focus more on what is important to you.


The frequent changes in life, demands us to reassess our priorities as well as goals. The transition from one stage of life to another requires surgeons to plan out things after assessing the big or small changes that is made in their life. With a clear vision, it will be easier for the orthopedic surgeons to manage life while providing scoliosis treatment in Dubai.