Types of sheet, layer and tier cakes that you should know about

Whenever there’s a celebratory occasion around no matter which occasion it is from weddings to birthdays a cake is a must to complete those occasions. What people are unaware of is the fact that there are several different cakes available out there these days. Yet, people tend to choose only the ones which look and taste good, unknown of the fact that they have different shapes and looks and how its appearance matters in its taste. Here is a bit of information about certain cakes that will help you make a better decision when choosing from amongst them all:

  • Sheet cakes

They are the usual rectangular shaped cake which you must see at most events. They are baked in a rectangle pan and layered with cream coating. People often prefer their cakes to be cut horizontally and filled with a filling. This filling if not provided by the bakery you can always ask for it. What makes these cakes special and stand out from the regular ones is the fact that they are easy to cut into pieces and serve a large gathering. People can self serve these cakes or if cutting is required, it doesn’t take too much of precision because the cake itself is pretty measured.

  • Layered cakes

The main difference between a layer cakes a sheet cake would be the fact that that layer cakes consist layers which are most of the time more than one filled with a filling. The focus is more on the height of the cake than the diameter. They are visually more appealing as the added height allows the cake to have more decoration on the sides and they can also be cut into several different shapes rather than a simple rectangle. Layer cakes are best for cake in Dubai delivery on any celebratory occasion when plated for the guests instead of opting for self serving.

  • Tier cakes

This is the traditional wedding cake Dubai which have 3 different sizes of cakes stacked on one another. This cake is best for weddings and large scale birthday parties where a huge number of guests need to be served. Tier cakes are very hard to handle and this is why their home delivery should be considered rather than driving them home yourself and being greeted with a punctured broken at your home. Make sure you are ready for everything.